True rehabilitation starts with the mind and sometimes the distractions around us make us lose focus on manifesting the goals of greatness within our homes, families, and communities. We believe that each one teaches one a good mentality.

To date, 3,127 individuals have successfully completed our program and more are being added daily. These classes are a free service to the community whether the individual is incarcerated or free, being systematically trapped in a cycle of recidivism is a mentality.

In doing this work, we have found that it truly does take a village to manifest the community we want to see and be. Therefore, no donation is to small or large. We are planting seeds of future success in community and for our community. Please donate today!

Ken Townsend, Student

“It has helped boost my confidence with speaking, job interviews and etiquette. Who knew about programs like this? They are about the people. It has helped me tremendously. I love these guys!”

When you know better, you do better.

Maya Angelou

David Caldwell, Student

“It was a genuine program that helped me get to where I needed to be after being incarcerated. It gave me a sense of purpose. I recommend this program to everyone coming home and anybody that needs help. Dr. Whitehead will set you in the right direction! “